One comment on “Surrey’s new City Centre Library

  1. In regard to the unmocipg fusion festival . I live just west of Holland park . My quiet neighborhood will be overrun by thousands of people on July 18th and 19th , from 11am to 11pm . I think that is rediculous , that have to endure loud music and loud people for such a long time . My home life will be disrupted such that I will not be able to enjoy myself during this event . People that come to the Fusion Festival will be able to go home to their nice quiet neighborhoods when they are finished . Where as I will be stuck here not able to enjoy the relative peaceful ness . How would you like it if I brought thousands of people to your areas , and started to make a lot noise for 12 plus hours . 11am to 11pm is to much . The festival should at least compensate households within a 1 to 2 km. area around the Holland Park area . Atleast send us a free voucher for a meal or something . Between 1999 to 2007 , I lived near PNE . I received 2 free admission tickets to the fair every year as compensation for my trouble . That weekend of the festival , I plan to search for an afforable Hotel room to get away from all noise created by this event . Who is going to pay for this room ? Me of course . Thanks for ruining my weekend . If the organizers of this event would like to resond to my comments . Please email me at the above address . SAH

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