2 comments on “VOTE!!

  1. and vote we did, but Watts made sure she manipulated the whole gong show and learned straight from Bush how to rig an election,
    why did she have to fire her campaign manager shortly before the election?
    hmm, everybody is afraid of our Mayor, for good reason, when developers start threatening innocent people with a gun, that would shake up any father and family, wouldn’t it?

    and the gong show keeps going, Democracy is Surrey died, except we all missed the Obituary, it left City Hall the day Bob Bose was ousted out.

    Now we are stuck with a corrupt City Hall that does anything they want, when they want, where they want and for how long they want.
    It is all back up with big money from big corporations and developers, god knows if the Bush has his dirty paws in the game.

    Canada is not Canada anymore it starts to look like an old Germany that was ruled by a Dictator, we are being ruled by dictators and we the people have no say.

    City of Surrey & Translink etc etc keep stripping us of our last bit of dignity we have left.

    A resident in Diesel Land 32nd Ave & 15454, South Surrey

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